Estefania Ortiz

I am an entrepreneur,  developer, educator.



I am the founder of Get It Built, a development agency focused on helping early-stage entrepreneurs build software products.


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. There, I found my passion for software, education, and entrepreneurship by dropping out of high school and independently studying Computer Science during my senior year with free online courses. I formalized my education through a summer of courses at Carnegie Mellon and a Computer Science B.S. from Stanford University. 

Software Development

I started working as a software developer in 2011. Since then I have had many clients, used numerous technologies, and been recognized by prestigious organizations. Some of my most impressive work has been: 

Software Developer Facebook
Built Android frontend and PHP backend for friend requests and group posts features in an experimental application.

Software Developer Good Eggs
30+ full stack, mobile responsive features built on groceries marketplace using Node.JS, Backbone, Bootstrap, and many other Javascript tools.

Software Developer Microsoft
Worked on internal database tools using a .NET fronted and Windows Azure backend. 


Lead Developer & Product Manager Bloomjoy

Full feature influencer payment platform built on Node.JS that got into YCombinator. Features include: Stripe Payments, Facebook Pages Integrations, Admin and Influencer Dashboards, Filterable Discover Page, Custom URLs for Influencers, and many more.  

Founder & Lead Developer Greo 

Raised VC funding and built full feature "video twitter" for IOS using Swift with an AWS and Firebase backend. Aside from video creation and consumptions, features include: followers, notifications, likes, video responses, filtering, privacy settings, and much more.

Founder & Lead Developer Dina

Full feature channel based Q&A platform for high school students build on Node.JS and React. Features include: multiple format document upload, real time conversation threads on questions, privacy options for anonymity, and much more.


Other Experience

I also care deeply about education and diversity in tech. Some of my work that reflects this passion follows:

Alum and Alumni Council Co-Chair CODE2040 - I participated in the fellowship for two years and worked as founding Alumni Council Co-Chair for a year.

Data Structures Instructor Coalition for Queens - Curriculum creation and delivery, assessment design and grading, and individualized instruction for data structures course at a coding bootcamp.

Founder and Organizer Latin@ Coder Summit - Organized and executed a practical workshop based conference for an audience of 200+ developers with sponsorship from Stanford and HHF. 

AP Computer Science Teacher Level Playing Field Institute - Curriculum creation and delivery, assessment design and grading, office hours, and practice testing for AP Computer Science weekend program in Oakland, CA. 

 TLDR: I build apps.