Estefania Ortiz

Early stage? Need tech?

I got you!



You may have heard the story that if you don't have a tech co-founder your company is not worth investing in yet. Tech founders, however, are very expensive and difficult to find. They cost a lot of equity and usually a lot of cash, they need to be risk takers and embrace uncertainty, and they need to be as in love with the vision as you are to take the pay cut that comes with early stage startups.

You need the RIGHT person, and you need them FAST, but these objectives don't usually go hand in hand. However, there is a lot you can do to de-risk this process. We believe there is room for a temporary CTO that fulfills the role of technically advancing the company so you can keep moving FAST while helping you find the RIGHT person. Let's talk and figure out if this approach is right for you. 


If you are at the stage in which you need to just build your Minimal Viable Product to experiment as fast as possible but are not yet ready to hire engineers we can help in various ways: 

Building it: We build scoped out apps in 4-6 weeks optimizing for rapid experimenting.

Scoping it: Defining what features are cheap vs. expensive, what features you need to test earlier rather than later, what set of features you can build in what time. 

Hiring for it: Being an intermediary between you and an outsourced development team so that you don't need to scope, negotiate, hire, and manage them without the technical expertise needed to do so.

Let's talk and figure out what is right for you.


There are a lot of ways in which you can leverage technology to show traction and optimize your processes. There is a lot (online and offline) you can do before building a product or hiring developers. If you are not sure about your next step or how tech can accelerate your business let's talk. 


If this resonates with your needs or you want to learn more about how we can help. Let's talk.